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2014 Goals and Such

2014 Goals

It’s that time of year again.  Resolutions.  Self-promises that you either make or break.  Posting last year did give me some insight that keeping a general idea of what I want to accomplish does help a little in keeping up with myself and to remind me that some work is better than no work.

So, 2014 and some general goals:

- Take more proactive steps in furthering career goals.  I have already contacted a creative placement agency to help find a more permanent job in the field I studied, but personal steps will assist in making me more valuable as an employee.  Employers like my work, but until something sticks I need to keep going to land a stable job/career.

- Make more speed sketch/speed paint videos.  I find I like watching and rewatching my painting process.  It shows me what I was thinking at the time and maybe I’ll be able to capture a technique I tried and promptly forgot.  I’m shooting for one every month, so I can have a compilation video for the end of 2014.

- Try to illustrate the little stories inside my head.  I have plenty of ideas, I just never seem to get them out.  Try this year.

- Lose a little more weight, no particular goal in mind but another 10 lbs would be nice. 

I like to think these are simple and doable.  This will help me be accountable for personal goals and not to flake on them.

This is also double post, so I won't lose or delete it on accident.  I've deleted my blog before.  It can happen.