Video Work

Video Work

Full Draw: Ren

It's been awhile since I've done a pencil sketch to digitally colored portrait.  Originally my 3.5 D&D Lawful Neutral Ranger, he's since been converted to 5e Ranger/Paladin.  

He also shares a namesake with my Guild Wars 2 Thief/Daredevil because I liked the name so much.

The original recording was 3 hours long, but has since been condensed to about 30 mins.


Intro Music:
Schizophrenic Wolf (0.8511) by The Fucked Up Beat
Body Music:
Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To by Chris Zabriskie
The Life and Death of a Certain K. Zabriskie, Patriarch by Chris Zabriskie
Pick Up a Convict on Alcatraz by Chris Zabriskie

Video Work

Ipad Sketch 3: The Druid

Slowly, I'm getting back into this art thing I do.  I'm really digging my iPad and its capabilities as a drawing tablet.  

Here again I have one of my many, many D&D characters.    This particular session I play a half-elven "neutral" druid (who is questioned on whether he might have a little dwarf blood in him).  He and his owl companion are Owl and Thistle and they refer to themselves in the "Royal We."  The look on my DM's face was pretty good when I introduced that little character trait.

Video Work

Ipad Sketch 1: The Bard

In my continuing adventures as a pen and paper role-play gamer...

I recently received an iPad Air from my online mobile development program.  While the main propose of the device is to be used for testing out applications live, it would be remiss of me,  if I did not take the opportunity to also use it as an on-the-go digital sketchpad.

I did this sketch in Procreate, which has a video recorder build into the application so that I can export the drawing process when I'm "done."  Thankfully, the learning curve isn't high, but the lack of pressure sensitivity is something to get use to.  Hopefully I'll be able to purchase a bluetooth pen device that can simulate pressure sensitivity.  Still, for only playing with the iPad and Procreate for a few hours, I think I can live without it for a little while longer.

Video Work


This is twice in one month for making sketch videos, one with pen and paper and another digital.  Hopefully I can keep it up and my computer can too.  I noticed it starting to slow down when I was rendering the screen capture video :(.

Anyway, enjoy the Mage.