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Beverly Heath is a West Coast kid, growing up in Nevada, California and Washington.  Her first experience working on a major art project was painting a mural in her elementary school's bathroom.  With proper encouragement from teachers and peers, she continued to draw and create little worlds where her characters were alive.   It was only around the time when she was looking at schools to continue her post-high school education, her career path was called into question.

Beverly has a BFA in Media Arts and Animation.  Her training lay mainly in illustration and conceptual development however she is capable of creating 3D assets and animation.  Previous internships and employment have been with Detonator Games, ConsumerSoft, Nuevo Retro Games and Zachtronic Industries.  

The old saying of "Jack of all trades, master of none.  Better than the master of one." she has many hobbies.  She takes park in the volunteer project called LibriVox, that records public domain publications from poetry to short stories.  She is an avid amateur photographer, falling in love with the medium and going on monthly adventures to explore and capture memories and an enthusiastic gardener.

Aside from the occasional video game, in her free time she plays an almost questioning amount of Dungeons and Dragons.  Finally making the jump from player to Dungeon Master to keep up her creative thirst for creatures and storytelling.

For professional inquiries, employment opportunities, or collaboration projects please contact at any of the links provided below.