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For a better part of 2009 - 2010 I was really into making skate deck designs.  I still have a few of the boards I ordered for my personal art wall in fact.  The only one I am still proud of and have up for sale is the Zombie Cupcake deck.  

Also in 2009 I opened up a Redbubble account as a way to encourage myself to design and sell t-shirts.  Of course, I promptly abandoned and forgot I ever made it.  However, now I find myself with time on my hands and the Adobe CC at my disposal.  So, finally I uploaded a new design based on the soul crushing experience of rolling a critical fail in any of my D20 pen and paper roleplaying games.  

Included in the two designs I have up is a t-shirt version of Zombie Cupcakes.  Check them out!