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The Two Year Commission

I don't take commissions often or ever if I can help it.  Not because I don't like illustrating other people's characters, but because I'm terrible at managing my time.  There is a list of excuses and straight up, I don't want to do it.  I think I've only done two commissions in a reasonable amount of time.  So when my friend asked me to illustrate her sorceress from a 5-year long campaign, I decided it would be fun.  

I started off well enough.  You can actually find the original preview sketch [HERE].

Then school picked up.  Then I fell into a slump.  Then real life.  Then I forgot about it.

This commission has been hanging over my head for two years.  So I finally just did it.

It started with a new idea and a new sketch.

It started with a new idea and a new sketch.

I started over.  I think a lot of why I never finished the original sketch was because I did everything in Photoshop, from the sketch to the grayscale base, then coloring over it.  It never felt right.  So when I decided to finally finish the commission, I was just better to start from the beginning.

A side by side for the new and old drawing.

A side by side for the new and old drawing.

On top of not really liking the old process I used, I found the old pose too static.  This was a sorceress that bathe the world in flame, I felt like she would not just be standing there.  So with a lot of adjustment layers and masking, I finally finished Adara.

Digital Illustrations

Bridal Shower Illustration


The initial sketch and final illustration for the bridal shower invitation for one of my best friends I worked on with my other best friend, Lisa Price.  Man, if it wasn't for Lisa, I don't know if it would have been printed as brilliantly and as beautifully as it was in the end.  She coordinated, organized and finalized the layout for the invite and response cards/thank you cards, while I just made the pretty pictures.